Piyush Saxena

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AIM To study the association of cognitive function with subclinical hypothyroidism in elderly. MATERIALS AND METHODS It's a cross-sectional, case-control study of 103 patients (≥65 years) who met the criteria for subclinical hypothyroidism. Similarly 103 age, sex and education-matched healthy controls were taken. Serum TSH, free T3 and free T4 were(More)
Mobile Sensor Networks are constituted on ad-hoc basis by tiny mobile sensor nodes deployed randomly over an area. The automatic random localization of mobile nodes may serve many potential applications where dynamicity and continuity are critically important. In this paper we envision one such application of health management. In most of the severe health(More)
This project proposes to eliminate homogeneous cluster setup in a parallel data processing environment. A homogeneous cluster setup supports static nature of processing which is a huge disadvantage for optimising the response time towards clients. Parallel data processing is performed more often in today's internet and it is very important for the server to(More)
This paper examines the study of various feed forward back-propagation neural network training algorithms and performance of different radial basis function neural network for angle based triangular problem. The training algorithms in feed forward back-propagation neural network comprise of Scale Gradient Conjugate Back-Propagation (BP), Conjugate Gradient(More)
Handwriting extraction is the skill of a system to get and translate comprehensible hand written input via sources such as document, photos, tough screen and other devices. The picture of the written document is used to detect written text by the use of optical scanning i.e. known as optical character recognition. Handwriting extraction basically uses(More)
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