Piyush Satapathy

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Each day, software engineers and managers cope with the challenges of building complex systems and challenges which threaten the project cost, schedule, and technical performance. Software metrics are quantitative standards of measurement for various aspects of software projects. A well designed metrics program will support decision making by management and(More)
In this report first i highlight the mathematical properties of 128-bit AES encryption and then keeping these properties in view i port the algorithm in microcode environment of the IXP2400 platform. Then I do some performance measurement based on the memory optimization and thread optimization. I apply a pipelined and best parallelized approach of(More)
A problem of increasing importance in the design of highly complex, heterogeneous, concurrent and large multiprogramming systems is the, so-called, deadlock or deadly-embrace problem. So deadlock detection and resolution has been an important issue for decades. In this paper we have surveyed the different possibilities of deadlocks in system design in(More)
For decades parallel and distributed computing has been a motive for time consuming tasks in-order to get the tasks done at a higher rate and to free the resources as early as possible. Parallel execution can be done in many ways ranging from a multi processor machine to a highly clustered grid. Some of the common resources used nowadays are clusters in an(More)
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