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Spatial information describes the relative spatial position of an object in a video. Such information may aid several video analysis tasks such as object, scene, event and activity recognition. This paper studies the effect of spatial information on video activity recognition. The paper firstly performs activity recognition on KTH and Weizmann videos using(More)
Time series are hard to analyse because of their intrinsic variability which arises from the stochastic nature of the underlying process. Analysis is harder still if the underlying process is non-stationary. Further extrinsic variation may be imposed by the variability of the sampling process, e.g. by sampling at different or non-uniform time intervals. We(More)
Analyze some of the basic principles involved in the design of optical fiber based displacement sensor and to apply it to design a weight measurement system. Bifurcated optical fiber sensors can have many applications. Having high sensitivity to short distances, bifurcated optical fiber (Y-sensor) is well suited not only for control applications as position(More)
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