Piyush M Sinha

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Efficient drug delivery remains an important challenge in medicine: continuous release of therapeutic agents over extended time periods in accordance with a predetermined temporal profile; local delivery at a constant rate to the tumour microenvironment to overcome much of the systemic toxicity and to improve antitumour efficacy; improved ease of(More)
Metastatic melanoma lesions often are unresectable due to their size and/or location near critical structures. These lesions represent a significant challenge for the oncologist, because radiation therapy and chemotherapy are infrequently successful in halting tumor growth. Of primary concern is the fact that these lesions are usually painful and present a(More)
This paper describes the design and development of an ultra wide band (UWB) transmitter leakage and reflected power canceller (RPC), which enables a linear Frequency Modulated (FM)-CW monostatic radar to achieve high transmit and receive isolation of 35dB henceforth, increasing the sensitivity of receiver. In this proposed RPC Tx-Rx isolation is insensitive(More)
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