Piyush Kanti Bhunre

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Medical image segmentation, as an application of image segmentation, is to extract anatomical structures from medical images. In this thesis proposal, existing methods for medical image segmentation are reviewed. According to the review, segmentation of multiple bone structures in complex x-ray images is not well studied. This leads to the proposed research(More)
Estimation of the 3D pose of bones in 2D images plays an important role in computer-assisted diagnosis and surgery. Existing work has focused on registering a 3D model of the bone to the images of the same bone. This approach incurs a high health care cost on the patients, and are prescribed only for certain procedures. Such computer assistance is not(More)
A region based multi-sensor image fusion approach is proposed in this paper. At the initial stage of our algorithm, noise is suppressed from the input images by applying a 3 × 3 filter mask. In the next phase, regions are segmented from the input images by computing similarity map image followed by marker based watershed algorithm. Thereafter, regions are(More)
Computer-Aided Surgery (CAS) technology enables the use of computers to generate 3D virtual environments of body parts slated for operation. In these virtual environments, surgeons enjoy the benefits of visualization, pre-operative planning, simulation and realtime navigation. All these translate into better surgical treatments, reduced complications,(More)
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