Piyush Kanti Bhunre

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Estimation of the 3D pose of bones in 2D images plays an important role in computer-assisted diagnosis and surgery. Existing work has focused on registering a 3D model of the bone to the images of the same bone. This approach incurs a high health care cost on the patients, and are prescribed only for certain procedures. Such computer assistance is not(More)
A region based multi-sensor image fusion approach is proposed in this paper. At the initial stage of our algorithm, noise is suppressed from the input images by applying a 3 × 3 filter mask. In the next phase, regions are segmented from the input images by computing similarity map image followed by marker based watershed algorithm. Thereafter, regions are(More)
Acknowledgements I will like to thank my supervisor, Associate Professor Dr. Leow Wee Kheng, for his many suggestions and constant support during this research. I am also thankful to Dr Howe Tet Sen from Singapore General Hospital for his valuable medical knowledge and imaging data which make this research possible. Next, I will like to show my appreciation(More)
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