Piyamas Suapang

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Characteristic markings on the cartridge case and projectile of a fired bullet are created when it is fired. Inclusion, Characteristic markings on the objectivity is created by tool. Different features within these marks can be distinguished, which in combination produce a “fingerprint” for a tool or a firearm. By analyzing features within(More)
The design and implementation of Web-based Medical Image Archiving and Communication System for Teleimaging which was developed using software such as Borland C++ Builder 5.0, MyDAC, PHP, Apache and MySQL for image acquisition system, image viewer and web-based information system. The system provides the following facilities: (1) Image acquisition system(More)
Numbers of white blood cells in different classes help doctors to diagnose patients. A technique for automating the differential count of white blood cell is presented. The proposed system takes an input, color image of stained peripheral blood smears. The process involves segmentation, feature extraction and classification. The segmentation procedure, a(More)
The purpose of this study is to develop mammographic density classification, which consists of three major steps. Firstly, the digitization of mammographic images module for images and data archiving. Secondly, a morphological segmentation algorithm is proposed to detect the segment of mammographic masses with salt-and-pepper noise. Thirdly, the percentage(More)
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