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—A new array geometry, which is capable of significantly increasing the degrees of freedom of linear arrays, is proposed. This structure is obtained by systematically nesting two or more uniform linear arrays and can provide (2) degrees of freedom using only physical sensors when the second-order statistics of the received data is used. The concept of(More)
A finite duration sequence exhibiting periodicities does not in general admit a sparse representation in terms of the DFT basis unless the period is a divisor of the duration. This paper develops a dictionary called the Farey dictionary for the efficient representation of such sequences. It is shown herein that this representation is especially useful for(More)
— In this paper MIMO radars with broadband waveforms are considered. A time domain viewpoint is taken, which allows frequency invariant beamforming with a filter bank called the smearing filter bank. Motivated by recent work on two dimensional arrays to obtain frequency invariant one dimensional beams, the generation of two dimensional virtual arrays from(More)