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Collagen materials have been utilized in medicine and dentistry because of their proven biocompatability and capability of promoting wound healing. For guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures, collagen membranes have been shown to be comparable to non-absorbable membranes with regard to probing depth reduction, clinical attachment gain, and percent of(More)
BACKGROUND In early case studies, use of a collagen barrier as a guided tissue regeneration (GTR) material has shown particular promise in procedures aimed at root coverage. The similarities between collagen membrane and subepithelial connective tissue graft (SCTG) have made collagen membrane an attractive and a possible alternative material for root(More)
It is well established that bone metastases comprise bone; however, the exact factors/mechanisms involved remain unknown. We hypothesized that tumor cells secreted factors capable of altering normal bone metabolism. The aims of the present study were to (1) determine the effects of secretory products isolated from HT-39 cells, a human breast cancer cell(More)
Mean-field annealing (MFA) is widely used for optimization tasks involving the determination of a set of discrete-valued assignment variables. One way of deriving MFA is via maximum entropy (ME), where one seeks the joint distribution over the (random) assignments subject to an average level of cost. MFA is obtained by assuming the individual assignments(More)
The current research study is based on the design and development of a sol-gel biodegradable controlled-release formulation for use in the treatment of periodontal diseases. Glycerylmonooleate (GMO) was used as a main composition in the gel base. The influence of various additives, e.g., glycerylmonostearate (GMS), methylcellulose (MC), surfactants, and(More)
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