Pitoyo Hartono

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In this study we introduce an ensemble of neural networks, in which each member is a linear perceptron. Our main objective is to build an ensemble of neural networks that can automatically and effectively divide the problem space and assign a subspace to each member. By assigning only a portion of the problem space, we expect that the learning difficulty(More)
For a supervised learning method, the quality of the training data or the training supervisor is very important in generating reliable neural networks. However, for real world problems, it is not always easy to obtain high quality training data sets. In this research, we propose a learning method for a neural network ensemble model that can be trained with(More)
Models of self-organizing cortical maps have focused on demonstrations with single objects in the environment. Recently, the validity of a traditional biological model has been questioned for the case of multiple simultaneous input sources. Here we show that the standard model is able to self-organize with multiple inputs. However, we also show that the(More)
In this paper, we propose a hierarchical neural network similar to the Radial Basis Function (RBF) Network. The proposed Restricted RBF (rRBF) executes a neighborhood-restricted activation function for its hidden neurons and consequently generates a unique topological map, which differs from the conventional Self-Organizing Map, in its internal layer. The(More)
In this research we propose a model of autonomous robot that is able to survive in real world outdoor environment without human intervention. ,For an aUtonomOUs robot, energy is a very important factor, so it is only natural that the ability of the robot to accumulate energy should be used as evaluation of the robot’s survival strategy. The robot in this(More)
In recent years, we can easily access an enormous amount of digital video stream in standardized video format such as MPEG and etc. However, it is not so easy to find a desired video stream from video database in reasonable short time. Some efficient searching methods in terms of computational cost are definitely required for video stream retrieval. In this(More)