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This paper presents a new perceptually based tone mapping operator that represents scene visibility under timevarying, high dynamic range conditions. The operator is based on a new generalized threshold model that extends the conventional threshold-versus-intensity (TVI) function to account for the viewer's adaptation state, and a new temporal adaptation(More)
This study is part of an ongoing program designed to investigate the integration of visual and haptic information in the context of multimodal interfaces. With the current experiments, we study whether haptic cues can be used to redirect spatial attention in a visual task where an observer is asked to detect a change between two scenes. Subjects were asked(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of 3 months iron supplementation on physical growth among anemic school children given daily and weekly and to know the response based on hemoglobin level. SUBJECT One hundred forty-four children were measured for height, weight and hemoglobin level. Ninety seven children were anemic (67.36%) with Hb level < 12 g/dl and(More)
The appearance of a particular fabric is produced by variations in both large-scale reflectance and small-scale texture as the viewing and illumination angles change across the surface. This article presents a study of the reflectance and texture of woven cloth that aims to identify and model important optical features of cloth appearance. New measurements(More)
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