Pisut Koomsap

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Freehand sketch on a paper is commonly seen being used as it is an effective convenient way to express rough ideas. The sketch is typically transformed to be a 3D CAD model by a designer for subsequent operations such as rapid prototyping process where a physical prototype is fabricated from a 3D CAD model. To speed up the realization of an idea, a research(More)
The concept of structured light system has been applied to recommend scanning positions in selective data acquisition process. The complexity is analyzed from the edge images of a single horizontal line of bright light that is projected locally onto the surface on different side views. Each analysis leads to a recommendation for either scanning position or(More)
Selective data acquisition has been researched recently as an alternative for direct interface reverse engineering (RE) with rapid prototyping (RP). Rather than performing data reduction after capturing data of an entire object, data are acquired selectively and locally layer by layer according to the analysis from the image of the object. The result of(More)
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