Pirouz Bazargan-Sabet

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To date, the probabilistic approach is in widespread use to analyze the power dissipation of digital circuits. The goal of the present work is twofold. First, b present a method in providing an evaluation package of signals' probabilities and transition densities that can he applied at different specification levels with more 01' less accuracy. A first(More)
Distributed simulation is expected to provide a signi cant speed up to simulation run time. Partitioning and load balancing are very in uencing factors for speed up. This paper presents an e cient partitioning method for distributed VLSI circuits simulation. The main features of this method are the use of a logic replication algorithm, a realistic cost(More)
1 In deep submicron technologies, the verification task has to cover some new issues to certify the correctness of a design. The noise produced by crosstalk couplings is one of these emerging problems. In this paper, we propose a model to evaluate the peak value of the noise injected on a signal when its neighboring signals make their transitions. This(More)
Tocertifythecorrectnessofadesign,indeepsubmicron technologies, the verification process has to cover some new issues. The noise introduced on signals through the crosstalkcouplingisoneoftheseemergingproblems.In this paper, we expose a first model to evaluate the peak value of the noise injected on a signal during the transitionofits neighboring signals.(More)
Crosstalk noise evaluation consists in analysing theeffect of the transition of a signal - called aggressor - onits neighbours - called victims. This evaluation is basedon a model that estimates the peak noise produced oneach victim. However, from a victim's point of view, notall its aggressors are able to make a transition at thesame time. Thus,(More)
Among other threats, secure components are subjected to physical attacks whose aim is to recover the secret information they store. Most of the work carried out to protect these components generally consists in developing protections (or countermeasures) taken one by one. But this “countermeasure-centered” approach drastically decreases the performance of(More)
Distributed simulation represents an attractive and smart way of improving the verification speed of large VLSI circuits. Unfortunately, this inexpensive approach suffers from the low performance of the communication networks used to connect local workstations. In this paper, we present a partitioning algorithm that attempt to find a suitable balance(More)
Crosstalk noise is due to the effect of the transition of a signal-called aggressor-on its neighbours-called victims. A lot of analytical methods propose to evaluate crosstalk noise without taking into account the fact that all the neighbour signals are not making a transition in the same time. Thus, the crosstalk noise is overestimated. We propose a novel(More)