Pirooz Javanbakht

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High penetration levels of distributed energy resources (DER) and active loads in the distribution grid can change the traditional grid from a slower-changing radial network to a multi-source network with faster dynamics. Although overall system reliability and quality of supply can in principle be improved under this paradigm, new control and protection(More)
The transient performance of a small-scale plant consisting of a photovoltaic (PV) and a pumped hydro storage (PHS) system has been evaluated. An indirect field oriented control (IFOC) based state-vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) drive connects the plant to the distribution system. The drive system includes two six-pulse IGBT converters interconnected(More)
The latest technological advances in battery and converter technology, along with government mandates on energy independence and resilience, are expected to pave the way for higher deployment of plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) in the transportation fleet. These vehicles, when equipped with bidirectional energy transfer capabilities, can function as mobile(More)
As unexpected, large-scale and uncontrollable events, natural disasters can cause devastating damages to a society's infrastructure. The possible interruption in electric service is not simply a matter of inconvenience, since in our modern societies this could disrupt many services our everyday lives depend on. Any disturbance in critical municipal(More)
A comparative study is presented in this paper to design and analyze the performance of Line Matching Network (LMN) of an inductive power transfer (IPT) system used for battery charging of electric vehicles. An LCC-type LMN configuration is designed based on fundamental mode analysis (FMA) for the ground assembly and three LMN configurations are designed(More)
The steady-state performance of an inductive wireless power transfer system is studied in this paper based on fundamental mode analysis. Operating limits of the off-board power electronics components are taken into consideration based on which a study is performed to analyze the effects of operating frequency and magnetic coupling condition on power(More)
A multi-step methodology is proposed in this paper to help prevent ice accretion on the power transmission lines exposed to severe ice and snowstorms. The goal is to use the heat gain due to resistive losses in the line to prevent ice from being formed. The proposed algorithm first attempts to re-dispatch the power generation units in such a way that it(More)
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