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  • P Braun
  • 1980
This study addresses the issues of brain biopsy and adenine arabinoside (Ara-A) therapy in the clinical management of patients suspected of having herpes simplex virus encephalitis (HVE). The analysis does not speak to experimental studies in which brain biopsy and new therapies are justified by investigational goals outside the scope of this analysis.(More)
A case of early onset type of juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis (JLP) is reported, where pulmonary involvement developed in typical aspiration site evidenced by tuberculosis of the right lung, and which stimulated after years a squamous epithelial carcinoma. After comparison of this case with similar cases reported in the literature, the clinical feature of(More)
Case-finding for gonorrhea in asymptomatic men is generally not performed in primary care settings and often not performed when men are seen for other reasons in clinics for sexually transmitted diseases. We performed a cost-effectiveness analysis of case-finding among asymptomatic men seeking ambulatory care, using culture of the first-voided urine and(More)
Monosymptomatische nächtliche Enuresis und kindliche Harninkontinenz sind verschiedene Entitäten einer pathologischen kindlichen Miktionssymptomatik, die durch verschiedene nicht-invasive diagnostische Methoden differenziert und unterschiedlichen therapeutischen Maßnahmen zugeführt werden. Der hier vorgelegte Artikel beschreibt die verschiedenen Methoden(More)
Differentiated non-invasive diagnostic procedures allow a discrimination between nocturnal enuresis and behavior-linked urinary incontinence in children with daytime symptoms, which are different entities of a pathological pediatric micturition syndrome. The article describes the diagnostic procedure as well as the therapeutic approach to all forms of(More)
Four alternative strategies for the management of men with acute urethritis were analyzed: treating patients with tetracycline, with or without a urethral culture, without basing the initial treatment decision on the results of a gram-stained smear; treating patients with penicillin, without basing initial treatment on the results of a gram-stained smear;(More)
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