Pirkko Karhunen

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Type 1 diabetes is caused by an immune-mediated process, reflected by the appearance of autoantibodies against pancreatic islets in the peripheral circulation. Detection of multiple autoantibodies predicts the development of diabetes, while positivity for a single autoantibody is a poor prognostic marker. The present study assesses whether positivity for a(More)
Moniliformin is a Fusarium mycotoxin highly prevalent in grains and grain-based products worldwide. In this study, the acute oral toxicity of moniliformin was assessed in Sprague-Dawley male rats according to OECD Guideline 423 with a single-dose exposure. Clinical observations and histopathological changes were recorded together with the excretion of(More)
Labial salivary gland (LSG) biopsies from 13 patients were studied. Three were normal glands, five showed fibrosis induced by progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS) and five more had PSS-induced fibrosis combined with and focal sialadenitis compatible with Sjögren's syndrome (SS). Monoclonal antibodies to proline-4-hydroxylase (alpha PH or 5B5-A) and the(More)
The relative risk of mesothelioma associated with different levels of exposure to asbestos was evaluated. The exposure was assessed from work histories of 51 mesothelioma cases and 51 sarcoidosis referents. The lung fiber concentration of the mesothelioma patients was compared with that of two reference groups (13 random autopsy cases and 43 male lung(More)
We determined the apolipoprotein E (apoE) genotype in clinically diagnosed and neuropathologically verified cases of Parkinson’s disease (PD) (n = 45), with or without Alzheimer (AD)-type changes, and compared the apoE genotype with that in healthy age-matched controls (n = 59). The PD cases were divided into two groups according to the CERAD criteria: “O +(More)