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Using a life course perspective in integrating 2 theories of retirement satisfaction--role theory and continuity theory--this study draws on a sample of retired men (n = 244) and women (n = 214), ages 50-72, to investigate factors contributing to the quality of their retirement experience. Overall, we find that men report greater retirement satisfaction(More)
  • P Moen
  • 1996
The existing research literature on the links between retirement and physical and psychological health is examined. This synthesis characterizes the complexity of the relationship between retirement and health; points out potential gender differences in the nature, experience, and implications of retirement; and develops a life course model of the pathways(More)
Privacy preserving analysis of a social network aims at a better understanding of the network and its behavior, while at the same time protecting the privacy of its individuals. We propose an anonymization method for weighted graphs, i.e., for social networks where the strengths of links are important. This is in contrast with many previous studies which(More)
Emergence of business networking and social networking increases the exchange of sensitive information and creation of behaviour traces in the network. However, the current computing and communication solutions do not provide sufficient conceptual, architectural or technical facilities to preserve privacy while collaborating in the network. This paper(More)
Enterprise systems interoperability is impeded by the lack of a cohesive, integrated perspective on non-functional aspects (NFA). We propose to respond to the fragmentation in NFA research by supporting a shared, common understanding. For this purpose:-first, we propose a common NFA ontology, which generalizes and integrates the different non-functional(More)
Inter-enterprise collaboration has become essential for the success of enterprises. As competition increasingly takes place between supply chains and networks of enterprises, there is a strategic business need to participate in multiple collaborations simultaneously. Collaborations based on an open market of autonomous actors set special requirements for(More)
Good teaching is teaching where the teaching method and assessment methods are aligned with the learning activities stated in objectives of the course. Typically such teaching is also student-focused. One example of such a teaching method is problem-based learning. Problem-based learning has been widely studied and applied in many fields. In this paper we(More)