Pirjo Elovaara

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In this paper we discuss two Participatory Design (PD) projects, one in Tanzania-Zanzibar and the other one in Sweden. In both countries the design process was done through the analysis of work practices involving both designers and users. The discussion focuses on a number of factors such as location, time and scene. We also ask how different projects can(More)
In a joint research project concerning the use and design of IT in public services, we are using a simple figure of ongoing design-oriented interactions to highlight shifting foci on relationships of co-development of services, citizenship and technology. We bring together a number of concrete examples of this ongoing everyday co-development, presented from(More)
From government to e-government – gender, skills, learning and technology Background The Swedish public sector is in the middle of an overwhelming change process with strong political hopes of creating a good service society (with the overall concept of e-government) by the usage of information and communication technologies (ICT). 1 The more or less(More)
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