Pirjo Elovaara

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In this paper we discuss two Participatory Design (PD) projects, one in Tanzania-Zanzibar and the other one in Sweden. In both countries the design process was done through the analysis of work practices involving both designers and users. The discussion focuses on a number of factors such as location, time and scene. We also ask how different projects can(More)
In a joint research project concerning the use and design of IT in public services, we are using a simple figure of on-going design-oriented interactions to highlight shifting foci on relationships of co-development of services, citizenship and technology. We bring together a number of concrete examples of this on-going everyday co-development, presented(More)
Script is a productive figure to inscribe and analyse gender and diversity in design. This paper addresses one risk of the use of script in our desire to design for gender and diversity. We locate our discussion of this risk in two design perspectives, ‘design from nowhere’ and ‘design from somewhere’. With the help of two vignettes we discuss how ‘design(More)
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