Pir Masoom Shah

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BACKGROUND The mental health needs of children and adolescents in secure care are a matter of concern, but little systematic research has been done. Our aim was to assess the mental health, social, and educational needs of these young people in a prospective, longitudinal study. METHODS We enrolled 97 boys aged 12-17 years who had been admitted to secure(More)
We propose a new routing protocol MobiSink (mobile sink) for underwater sensor networks (UWSNs). We deploy the sink mobility in four horizontal regions of the network. The mobile sink moves in its own region to collect data from the transmission range sensor nodes. The transmission range of a node is calculated after fixed interval of time for mobile sink.(More)
Complex adaptive network (CANs) is the collection of the interacting agents. These agents work under the influence of each other. One change in the behavior of an agent in a CAN can lead to the change in whole network. CANs are dynamic network as they have ability to adapt and grow in its environment. This paper survey different aspects of CANs like(More)
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