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Regional and global context of the Late Cenozoic Langebaanweg (LBW) palaeontological site: West Coast of South Africa
The palaeontological site of Langebaanweg (LBW) is internationally renowned for its prolific, diverse and exceptionally well preserved Mio-Pliocene vertebrate faunas. The site is located on theExpand
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A New Species of Aegypius Vulture (Aegypiinae, Accipitridae) from the Early Pliocene of South Africa
ABSTRACT Fossil remains of at least seven individuals of a new species of Aegypius vulture from the Upper Varswater Formation at Langebaanweg, South Africa (early Pliocene), represent the earliest,Expand
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New Early Pliocene Owls from Langebaanweg, South Africa, with First Evidence of Athene South of the Sahara and a New Species of Tyto
The fossiliferous Upper Varswater Formation at Langebaanweg (South Africa) produced remains of at least five species of owls (Strigiformes). Tyto richae sp. nov. is the first palaeospecies ofExpand
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