Pipat Hiranvanichakorn

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Broadcast encryption is the scheme that a sender encrypts messages for a designated group of receivers, and sends the ciphertexts by broadcast over the networks. Many research papers have done it using elliptic curve cryptography. In this paper, we propose the broadcast encryption scheme based on braid groups cryptography which is an alternative method in(More)
The security issues in ad hoc network are increasingly important. In this paper, we propose a distributed key management what approach by using braid groups and key tree. Without any assumption of prefixed trust relationship between nodes, the proposed method works in a self-organizing way to provide the key management services. The using of the proposed(More)
Most group key agreement protocols make use of modular exponential operations which require extensive computing resources in devices. Thus, they are unsuitable for resourceconstrained devices such as mobile phones, smart cards and intelligent watches. This paper proposes a group key agreement protocol based on braid groups which requires only multiplication(More)
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