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  • P Boydell
  • 2000
OBJECTIVES Various reports have noted a high incidence of idiopathic Horner syndrome in golden retriever dogs. The author seeks to document this condition in the breed. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective study was made of cases of Horner syndrome in dogs referred to the author throughout a 10-year period. As part of the general clinical, ophthalmic, and(More)
  • Lia ION, Pip BOYDELL, Iuliana IONA CU, Alin BÎRTOIU
  • 2014
Primary bullous keratopathy is a pathological condition of the cornea characterized by bullae formation within the stroma, the primary cause being an endothelial dystrophy. Fluid accumulation results in progressive corneal oedema, that can affect vision. The condition will become painful when the epithelium is affected and ulceration develops. There are a(More)
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