Piotr Zawadzki

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The deleterious pleiotropic effects of an adaptive mutation may be ameliorated by one of two modes of evolution: (1) by replacement, in which an adaptive mutation with harmful pleiotropic effects is replaced by one that confers an equal benefit but at less cost; or (2) by compensatory evolution, in which natural selection favors modifiers at other loci that(More)
We introduce a general approach for the analysis of a quantum direct communication protocol. The method is based on the investigation of the superoperator acting on a joint system of the communicating parties and the eavesdropper. The introduced method is more versatile than the approaches used so far as it permits to incorporate different noise models in a(More)
In this paper we propose an extended version of the ping–pong protocol and study its security. The proposed protocol incorporates the usage of mutually unbiased bases in the control mode. We show that, by increasing the number of bases, it is possible to improve the security of this protocol. We also provide the upper bounds on eavesdropping average(More)
We report the first experimental realization of a semiconductor triple quantum dot system in a few electrons regime. Charging properties of this “artificial tri-atom” are studied using non-invasive charge detection technique. The most fundamental configuration was initialized in which a single electron is shared resonantly between the three dots and also(More)