Piotr Wojdasiewicz

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Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common chronic disease of human joints. The basis of pathologic changes involves all the tissues forming the joint; already, at an early stage, it has the nature of inflammation with varying degrees of severity. An analysis of the complex relationships indicates that the processes taking place inside the joint are not merely(More)
Chemokines are molecules able to induce chemotaxis of monocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes and fibroblasts. The complex chemokine acts in many physiological and pathological phenomena, including those occurring in the articular cartilage. To date, chemokine CX3CL1 (fractalkine) is the only member of the CX3C class of chemokines with(More)
The transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) family forms a group of three isoforms, TGF-β1, TGF-β2, and TGF-β3, with their structure formed by interrelated dimeric polypeptide chains. Pleiotropic and redundant functions of the TGF-β family concern control of numerous aspects and effects of cell functions, including proliferation, differentiation, and(More)
CX3CL1 (fractalkine) is the only member of the CX3C (delta) subfamily of chemokines which is unique and combines the properties of both chemoattractant and adhesion molecules. The two-form ligand can exist either in a soluble form, like all other chemokines, and as a membrane-anchored molecule. CX3CL1 discloses its biological properties through interaction(More)
Fractures of calcaneus are the most common among all tarsal bone fractures. Such injuries are most often produced by large forces, while accompanying soft tissue trauma makes them complicated and difficult to treat. Due to complex structure of the foot and talocalcaneal joint all injuries to this area constitute an important orthopedic problem, as improper(More)
BACKGROUND Spontaneous intraarticular bleeds in congenital coagulation disorders result in early and extensive damage to the joints and periarticular structures. Total arthroplasty is the only effective method of treating these defects. Interim surgical procedures (arthroscopy, osteotomy, etc.) exist that can postpone arthroplasty, especially considering(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether a difference exists between DAS28 from CRP and DAS28 from ESR in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and secondary Sjögren's syndrome (sSS). MATERIAL AND METHODS One group comprised patients with RA and sSS, the control group comprised patients with RA. The inclusion criteria for the RA and sSS group have been(More)
Chronic non-bacterial osteomyelitis (CNO) has been known for over of 40 years. It is an underrecognized entity due to the low number of described cases and poor propagation awareness of the problem. Chronic non-bacterial osteomyelitis is usually confused with infectious spondylodiscitis or malignant lesions, both primary and metastatic. Failing to consider(More)
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