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BACKGROUND Cigarette smoking is a major risk factor of atherosclerosis. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between smoking and arterial hypertension as well as endothelial dysfunction in postmenopausal women without clinically manifested symptoms of atherosclerosis. MATERIAL/METHODS The study groups consisted of 35 current smokers and 45(More)
In patients with atherosclerotic stenosis of the extracranial segment of internal carotid artery, surgical intervention is an effective method to prevent cerebral ischemic stroke. However, this surgical procedure may cause vascular brain damage. The aim of the study was to investigate consequential brain ischemia-reperfusion injury by measuring the cerebral(More)
We describe a novel surgical technique to facilitate the second-stage elevation of the basilic or brachial vein in patients with first-stage brachial-basilic or autogenous brachial-brachial arteriovenous fistula by axial splitting of the medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve (MABCN). Filaments of the MABCN typically traverse the anterior aspect of the basilic(More)
UNLABELLED Thrombangiitis obliterans (TAO marked by coexistence of thrombotic and inflammatory changes of neurovascular tract has evoked a considerable dispute concerning pathogenesis of this disease. The aim of the study was to define the level of activation of fibirinolitic system in course of TAO disease by means of determination its basic constituents(More)
We here report the case of a woman with dermatophytosis of the thighs due to Trichophyton mentagrophytes where an unusual clinical picture posed considerable diagnostic and therapeutic problems. She presented numerous skin lesions located on the dorsolateral face of the left thigh and the medial surface of the right calf. The initial lesions consisted of(More)
UNLABELLED In patients with severe lower limb ischemia the coagulation and fibrinolytic systems have been found to be activated preoperatively. The aim of the study was to evaluate the changes of TAT level as a selected coagulation factor, before, during and after surgical revascularization and the analysis of the impact of coexisting diseases on the(More)
UNLABELLED According to the latest data, CIDE -A gene plays a key role in the regulation of body weight in both humans and mice, and therefore it is regarded a potential candidate gene for human obesity. The aim of the study was to define the role of CIDEA gene in patients with dyslipidemia and symptomatic limb ischemia. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study(More)
BACKGROUND An increase in plasma kynurenic acid (KYNA) concentration has been observed following surgery, inflammation, and cerebral pathologies. The aim of the present study was to analyze the changes in plasma KYNA concentration in patients undergoing carotid surgery (CS). MATERIAL AND METHODS Adult patients undergoing elective carotid endarterectomy(More)
Psoriasis is currently considered a multifactorial disease, which can coexist with many somatic and psychological disorders. We present the case of a 50-year-old woman referred to our department due to erythroderma with concomitant peculiar violaceous, polycyclic lesions most likely induced by medications. Past medical history revealed numerous systemic(More)
The presented report presents a minimally invasive approach for the treatment of varicose veins in patients with chronic venous disease and coexisting von Willebrand disease, the most common inherited bleeding disorder. Conventional stripping of an insufficient great saphenous vein and varicose vein surgery, carries a potential risk of serious bleeding(More)