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Equipped with powerful processors, cameras for capturing still images and video, and a range of sensors capable of tracking location, orientation and motion of the user, modern smartphones offer a sophisticated platform for implementing handheld augmented reality (AR) applications. Despite the advances in research and development, implementing AR(More)
With emergence and adoption of cloud computing, cloud has become an effective collaboration platform for integrating various software tools to deliver as services. In this paper, we present a cloud-based image processing toolbox by integrating Galaxy, Hadoop and our proprietary image processing tools. This toolbox allows users to easily design and execute(More)
This chapter describes a novel way of carrying out image analysis, reconstruction and processing tasks using cloud based service provided on the Australian National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) infrastructure. The toolbox allows users free access to a wide range of useful blocks of functionalities (imaging functions) that can be(More)
1 Data 61, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Marsfield, NSW, Australia, 2 Data 61, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Dutton Park, QLD, Australia, 3School of Computing, Engineering, and Mathematics, University of Western Sydney, Paramatta, NSW, Australia, 4 Data 61, Commonwealth Scientific and(More)
S : scientific #bd14 | big data conference 20 Dr Denis Bauer Research Scientist CSIRO Dr Bauer is interested in high-performance-computesystems for integrating large data-volumes to inform strategic interventions for human health. She has a PhD in Bioinformatics and Post-Docs in machine-learning and genetics, published in Nature Genetics and Genome(More)
Cloud computing services offer highly reliable, scalable and efficient solutions with a large pool of easily accessible, virtualized resources. They are becoming an increasingly prevalent delivery model. We have developed a cloud-based image analysis toolbox to provide a wide user base with easy access to the software tools we have developed over the last(More)
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