Piotr Szczuko

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Video monitoring systems are a necessity in the modern times. Although some people object the idea of ‘being watched’, surveillance systems actually improve the level of public security, allowing the system operators to detect threats and the security forces to react in time. Surveillance systems evolved in the recent years from simple CCTV systems into(More)
New method of the human body pose estimation based on a single camera 2D observation is presented, aimed at smart surveillance related video analysis and action recognition. It employs 3D model of the human body, and genetic algorithm combined with annealed particle filter for searching the global optimum of model state, best matching the object’s 2D(More)
A hardware and software solution for guitar string vibration measurement by fast cameras is described. Orthogonal setup for 3D image acquisition is proposed capable to capture several thousand image frames per second. Dedicated image processing algorithm was developed and described in the paper, aimed at tracking the movement of some selected points along(More)