Piotr Sunderland

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The Brown-Roberts-Wells (BRW) computer tomography (CT) stereotactic guidance system has been modified to accommodate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A smaller head ring, which fits in standard MRI head coils, is constructed of a non-ferromagnetic aluminum ring that is split to prevent eddy currents and anodized to prevent MRI image distortion and(More)
The CT scans of 11 schizophrenics and 26 controls were evaluated for both linear (Evan's and cella media ratios) and volume (planimetry and grid ratios) measurements of ventricular size. There were no differences between the two groups on any of the measures obtained. These results are discussed in relation to previous reports showing ventricular(More)
We compared the degree of acute endothelial injury after temporary vessel occlusion using two different occlusion modalities--external clipping and endovascular balloon occlusion. The common carotid and subclavian arteries in eight weanling pigs were temporarily occluded with either a 5 Fr occlusion balloon catheter or a temporary microvascular clip for 0(More)
Cancer cells can undergo stress-induced premature senescence, which is considered to be a desirable outcome of anticancer treatment. However, the escape from senescence and cancer cell repopulation give rise to some doubts concerning the effectiveness of the senescence-induced anticancer therapy. Similarly, it is postulated that polyploidization of cancer(More)
A high degree of variability in energy expenditure has characterized the metabolic response to traumatic brain injury. A goal of parenteral or enteral repletion in this population is the precise estimation of caloric requirement to avoid complications associated with overfeeding and underfeeding. The first aim of this study was to evaluate three predictive(More)
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