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We describe here a novel, simple, efficient self-assembly method for the in situ generation of [Mn4Cl4(micro-OCH2CH2OMe)4(EtOH)4] and [Mn4(micro-Cl)Cl3(micro-OCH2CH2OMe)4(HOCH2CH2OMe)3]2 cubane-type compounds which react readily with calcium species to form cluster [Mn4Ca2Cl4(micro-OCH2CH2OMe)8], the calcium atoms attached to the Mn4 unit of flatten out the(More)
A simple and efficient strategy for the synthesis of nonorganometallic heterometallic clusters from cheap organometallic precursors is reported. This unique synthetic method involves elimination of the cyclopentadienyl ring from Cp(2)MCl(2) (M = Ti, Zr, Hf) as CpH in the presence of M'L(2) or M'L'(2) (M' = Ca, Sr, Mn; CH(3)OCH(2)CH(2)OH = LH or(More)
Polylactide conjugates of the muscle contraction agent Pridinolum (PriOH = 1,1-diphenyl-3-(1-piperidinyl)-1-propanol) were prepared directly by ring-opening polymerization of L-lactide (L-LA) mediated by the pridinolum magnesium complex [Mg(μ,η(2)-OPri)(η(1)-OPri)](2). The ancillary O,N - bifunctional drug as a ligand stabilizes the magnesium species and(More)
A simple new route to access heterometallic alkoxo precursors for a wide range of materials is reported. This unique synthetic method comprises elimination of the cyclopentadienyl ring from Cp2MCl2 (M = Ti, Zr) as CpH in the presence of M'(OR)2 (M' = Ca, Mn; OR = OCH2CH2OCH3 or OEt) in an alcohol as a source of protons. In one-pot reactions, we have(More)
Reactions of metallic Ba with benzofuranol (dbbfoH) or diethylene glycol give homoleptic and homonuclear complexes Ba(dbbfo)(2)(dbbfoH)(2).3dbbfoH and Ba{O(CH(2)CH(2)O)(2)}{O(CH(2)CH(2)OH)(2)}(2) (60-89%). Both compounds and formerly described Ba{O(CH(2)CH(2)O)(2)Me}(2) react with Al(CH(3))(3) to yield trinuclear heterobimetallic low-coordinated barium(More)
Reactions of oligomeric "Ca(dbbfo)2" and Ca9(CH3OCH2CH2O)18(CH3OCH2CH2OH)2 with Al(CH3)3 in toluene gave tetranuclear heterobimetallic [Ca(mu-dbbfo){(mu-dbbfo)(mu-CH3)Al(CH3)2}]2 (71%) and polymeric Ca{(mu-CH3OCH2CH2O)(mu-CH3)Al(CH3)2}2 (86%). The latter can be obtained as monomeric THF adduct Ca{(mu-CH3OCH2CH2O)Al(CH3)3}2(THF)2 (78%) when a mixture of(More)
The direct reaction between [VCl(3)(thf)3] or [VO(OEt)3] and 2,2'-thiobis{4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethyl-butyl)phenol (tbopH(2)) leads to the formation of [V(2)(micro-tbop-kappa(3)O,S,O)2Cl(2)(CH(3)CN)(2)] (1).4CH(3)CN or [V(2)(micro-OEt)2(O)2(tbop-kappa(3)O,S,O)2] (2), respectively, in high yield. Compounds 1 and 2 were characterized by chemical and physical(More)
The reaction of [Ti4(OMe)14Cl2] (1) with an excess of AlMe3 gave the cocrystallite [Ti2(mu-OMe)2(mu-Cl)Cl3(thf)3].[Ti2(mu-OMe)3Cl3(thf)3] (2.3) species in a 1:1 ratio. Similar to 2, [Ti2(mu-OEt)2(mu-Cl)Cl3-(thf)3] (4) was obtained in the reaction of an equimolar mixture of TiCl4 and Ti(OEt)4 with Al/AlMe3. The short distance [2.543(1)av A in 2.3 and(More)
Tetranuclear magnesium complexes with chelating alkoxo ligands have been synthesized with the aim of investigating coordinatively unsaturated magnesium sites able to bind TiX4 (X = Cl, OR), of the type necessary for the formation of the active centers in polymerization catalysts. The magnesium compound(More)
The molecule of the title compound, [Mn(4)Al(CH(3))(2)(C(3)H(7)O(2))(4)I(5)(C(4)H(8)O)], contains one Al(III) and four Mn(II) ions. Two Mn atoms are five-coordinate in the form of a trigonal bipyramid or a square pyramid. The two other Mn atoms are six-coordinate with an octahedral geometry. The fourcoordinate Al atom is linked to the manganese core by(More)