Piotr Skulimowski

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The paper presents a set of mobile applications aiding the visually impaired in using the public transport. A user equipped with a modern smartphone with mobile data transmission and positioning capabilities can access location related context information. Keeping up the connection with dedicated system servers gives the user access to additional services,(More)
Sight, hearing and touch are the sensory modalities that play a dominating role in spatial perception in humans, i.e. the ability to recognize the geometrical structure of the surrounding environment, awareness of self-location in surrounding space and determining in terms of depth and directions the location of nearby objects. Information streams from(More)
A method for 3D scene segmentation from stereoscopic image sequences registered by a moving camera system is proposed. The method identifies 6DoF ego-motion parameters first. Then, a scene model is built by projecting a triangular mesh onto the dense disparity maps. The triangles are clustered so forming surfaces of separate scene objects that are assigned(More)
The paper presents a prototype mixed-mode wireless indoor positioning and navigation system. The main goal of the system is to provide accurate and reliable location information for visually impaired users. The system also enables access to location related context information. The radio nodes of the network can operate in two power modes providing basis(More)
The paper presents POI Explorer mobile application aiding the visually impaired in spatial orientation and in urban navigation. A user equipped with a smartphone with accelerometer, electronic compass, mobile data transmission and positioning capabilities can access information on nearby points of interest. Maintaining data connection with dedicated system(More)
Keypoint detection is a basic step in many computer vision algorithms aimed at recognition of objects, automatic navigation, medicine and other application fields. Successful implementation of higher level image analysis tasks, however, is conditioned by reliable detection of characteristic image local regions termed keypoints. A large number of keypoint(More)