Piotr Skoczylas

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Abstract. In this paper we present the distributed event localization and tracking algorithm DELTA that solely depends on light measurements. Based on this information and the positions of the sensors, DELTA is able to track a moving person equipped with a flashlight by dynamically building groups and electing well located nodes as group leaders. Moreover,(More)
INTRODUCTION Besides the undoubted influence of risk factors on morbidity and survival time, there are also other environmental factors, such as awareness of the prevalence of risk factors and the availability of modern diagnosis and treatment methods. OBJECTIVE To evaluate differences in lung cancer 5-year overall survival rates between urban and rural(More)
Brain metastases (BM) in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients present an increasing clinical challenge. Identifying biomarkers which specifically identify patients at high risk of BM may improve their early diagnosis, which is crucial for surgical and radiotherapeutic treatment outcome. Alpha-2,6-sialyltransferase (α-2,6-ST) and the primary product(More)
Event tracking is one of the basic tasks of sensor networks. An intensity-based event localization algorithm was developed at the University of Bern [1]. The inaccuracy of the measurements and resource limitations in terms of energy consumption, storage capacity, processing and transmitting time make a real world implementation of this algorithm a(More)
The survey was conducted among 29540 students in different secondary schools. All interviewers were 17.42 +/- 1.14 years old. The aim od this work was to define the relation between smoking adolescent and their health. The group of smokers consisted of 5112 (60.26%) men and 3370 (33.70%) women. The main causes of initiating smoking reported by respondents(More)
Smoking is recognized as major, the most prevalent, and at the same time the only removable factor of many diseases. The major causes of starting smoking are: stress, curiosity and staying among people who smoke tobacco. The research was conducted among students of secondary school in Stalowa Wola in the form of an anonymous poll. The sample group included(More)
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