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The paper presents a process of technical diagnostic applied to a fleet of vehicles utilized in the delivery system of express mail. It is focused on evaluation of diagnostic capacity of particular characteristics, reduction of a set of initially selected characteristics to a minimal and satisfactory subset, recognition of a technical condition of vehicles(More)
BACKGROUND The matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMPs) can decompose extracellular matrix (ECM) components and brake down basement membranes and, thus, promote tumor local invasion and metastasis. METHODS We studied 41 patients with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the oropharynx who underwent surgical(More)
INTRODUCTION Intracranial or orbital complications after chronic and acute rhinosinusitis are rare, but could be dangerous. The complications of acute rhinosinusitis more often are observed in young patients. The combination of both intracranial and orbital complications together is found after acute inflammation. MATERIAL AND METHODS We present a case of(More)
A fleet sizing problem in a road freight transportation company with heterogeneous fleet and its own technical back-up facilities is considered in the paper. The mathematical model of the decision problem is formulated in terms of multiobjective, non-linear, integer programming. The model is based on queuing theory. Three optimisation criteria that focus on(More)
BACKGROUND One of the aims of the study was to describe the physiological factors of young boys participating in artistic gymnastic training and evaluate differences between the levels of aerobic and anaerobic efficiency in this group as compared to the control group. METHODS The young male gymnasts selected to participate in the present study have been(More)
INTRODUCTION Isolated acute sphenoid sinusitis is an uncommon sinus infection, frequently misdiagnosed and not usually considered in the differential diagnosis of acute severe headache, with the potential of serious neurologic complications. AIM Describe four patients with acute sphenoid sinusitis who presented with acute onset of severe headache and(More)
The authors of the paper concentrate on diagnostic process applied to vehicles utilized in the delivery system of express mail. The paper is focused on evaluation of diagnostic capacity of particular characteristics, reduction of a set of primary applied characteristics to a minimal and satisfactory subset and generation of the maintenance decision rules.(More)
Metastases of renal clear cell carcinoma to the organs of the head are rare. Single cases show that they can appear either shortly after or many years after radical surgery. The diagnosis of this cancer is difficult because of its insidious course; therefore, it is often diagnosed too late. Late diagnosis is associated with a high risk of distant metastases(More)
Malignant neoplasms of the larynx are divided into epithelial and non-epithelial. Non-epithelial neoplasms include, among others, mesenchymal chondrosarcomas and osteosarcomas. Few cases of laryngeal osteosarcomas described in the literature were usually treated by surgery without the need to use adjuvant radio- or chemotherapy. Few authors propose the(More)