Piotr Rekowski

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Behavioral effect of galanin and its fragments, galanin1-15 and galanin16-29 (200 ng, 1 and 5 micrograms), after intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration was studied in rats. The number of crossings and pippings and the time of locomotion (an open field test) showed a similar sedative action of galanin and galanin16-29, with no significant effect of(More)
Cell-penetrating peptides (CPP) are a family of peptides able to penetrate the cell membrane. This group of compounds has attracted consideration as potential therapeutic tools for the delivery of various substances into cells. Here, we investigated possible interactions between several CPP synthesized in our laboratory and the vascular action of(More)
Porcine galanin (pGAL), its 15-amino-acid-residue fragment and five new analogues modified in positions 4, 6 or 14 were tested for their effects on glucose-induced insulin secretion from isolated rat pancreatic islets of Langerhans. In vitro insulin secretion was studied during static incubation. All peptides were tested at two concentrations: 100 nM and 1(More)
HERV-W is a multi-locus family of human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) that has been found to play an important role in human physiology and pathology. Two particular members of HERV-W family are of special interests: ERVWE1 (coding syncytin-1, which is a glycoprotein essential in the formation of the placenta) and MSRV (multiple sclerosis-associated(More)
Galanin (GAL) is a 29-amino-acid residue peptide originally isolated from porcine upper small intestine. GAL exhibits various physiological activities, such as effects on hormones release, smooth muscles contractions, gastric acid secretion, neurons degeneration and feeding. One of the biological actions of GAL is the inhibition of insulin secretion from(More)
Methylation of RNA and proteins is one of a broad spectrum of post-transcriptional/translational mechanisms of gene expression regulation. Its functional signification is only beginning to be understood. A sensitive capillary electrophoresis mobility shift assay (CEMSA) for qualitative study of the methylation effect on biomolecules interaction is(More)
Inhibitory effect of galanin on basal and secretagogs-stimulated gastric acid secretion was investigated in urethane-anesthetized rats. A rat stomach was mounted in an ex-vivo chamber, perfused with saline, and either gastric acid or alkaline secretion was determined by titrating the perfusate. Gastric mucosal blood flow (GMBF) was measured by a laser(More)
[Lys8]-Conopressin G (L1), and [Arg8]-Conopressin S (A1) and their four analogs were synthesized using solid phase procedure. These analogs are [2-thiopropionic acid1, lys8]-conopressin (L2), [2-thiopropionic acid1, Arg8]-conopressin (A2), [cis-4-methyl-1-thiocyclohexaneacetic acid1, Lys8], conopressin (L3), and [cis-4-methyl-1-thiocyclohexaneacetic acid1,(More)
Tachyphylaxis to SP decreased the effect of M15 and Gal(1-14)-[Abu8]SCY-I on gastric smooth muscles, without effect on the action of Gal. These findings support our initial hypothesis: the action of M15 and Gal(1-14)-[Abu8]SCY-I on the smooth muscles may not only be due to their agonist activity at Gal receptors, but may result from a subsequent stimulation(More)
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