Piotr Pietrzak

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Transient receptor potential channels (TRPs) regulate tumor growth via calcium-dependent mechanisms. The (thermosensitive) capsaicin receptor TRPV1 is overexpressed in numerous highly aggressive cancers. TRPV1 has potent antiproliferative activity and is therefore potentially applicable in targeted therapy of malignancies. Recently, we characterized TRPM8(More)
The paper presents results of experimental and theoretical studies on small-size piezoelectric generators, in which energy of machine mechanical vibrations is harvested and converted to electric energy. These piezoelectric generators were proposed, as an alternative to a battery-based solution, for powering of sensor nodes in condition monitoring systems of(More)
The vibration measurement synchronization between wireless sensor nodes and with rotor revolution frequency of a supervised machine is necessary for diagnostic methods such as: operational modal analysis or operational shape deflection. This paper presents the review of existing methods for obtaining a discrete vibration signal whose sampling instants are(More)
This paper presents the design and the practical realization of a measurement system dedicated to fast real-time multichannel registration of electronic system thermal response. The response is registered in parallel channels with a frequency up to 1 MHz. Such a high frequency is required for the thermal identification of electronic systems. The designed(More)
This paper describes considerations associated with design of wireless distributed strain measure system of mechanical structures with particular emphasis on selection of wireless communication technology, which will be applied in TULCOEMPA project. Problems associated with specific wireless communication standards, the reasons of their use, benefits and(More)
Silicon microaccelerometers can be considered as an alternative to high-priced piezoelectric sensors. Unfortunately, relatively high noise floor of commercially available MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensors limits the possibility of their usage in condition monitoring systems of rotating machines. The solution of this problem is the method of(More)
The paper describes structure and operation principles of power supply system used for Truck Recognition System, which is a part of an advanced SHM installation on an iron-concrete bridge. The authors propose the application of their Energy Harvesting Controller cooperating with both solar cells and a wind generator. The controller enables efficient energy(More)