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Design of complex electronic systems requires often collaboration of engineers who work in remote locations. This collaboration enabled by the network needs to be supported by seamless and secure integration of distributed design tools. The paper presents a web services-based environment enabling integration of distributed design tools. It is based on TRMS(More)
Design of complex Systems-on-a-Chip requires often integration of large teams of engineers who work in remote locations. Seamless and secure integration of distant tools across different organization over the Internet is still one of major challenges that obstacles efficient engineering collaboration. The paper explains the main element of the advanced(More)
—A novel approach for enabling distributed design of heterogeneous systems and components is introduced in the paper. It integrates concepts of visual knowledge modeling, engineering workflows, collaborative workspaces, design task patterns, and remote tool invocation. These concepts are supported by a collaboration platform – a result of the EU FP6 project(More)
The paper presents application of a collaborative approach to distributed design of a complex mixed-signal IP component, that involved two dispersed SMESs. The USB High Speed OTG Transceiver (PHY-physical layer) IP core was the design objective. Challenges of the distributed design have been identified and profoundly discussed. Further on, a collaborative(More)
The application ofb usiness process management (BPM) and workflow management (WfM) technologies for design and verification of electronic systems is nots traightforward. Flexible, evolving andhuman-centred process execution is needed to support creative design tasksp erformed by designers. Rigorous control, and automation of procedures are needed for(More)
The paper presents logic concepts of scalable architecture of a system for emulation purposes along with dedicated, underlying FPGA-based board modules as an implementation platform. These modules provide scalability of emulation system and support full system functionality. This article also presents an analysis of feasibility of the scalable system based(More)
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