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INTRODUCTION Adaptation of laser surgery in laryngeal cancer treatment in 1970s led to great successes and common acceptation of this treatment method in cancer treatment. The results of cancer treatment with CO(2) laser are the same as after radiotherapy or external access method. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study included 63 patients treated for glottis(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic sinusitis presents important problem in children. General approach in chronic sinusitis in children consists of: findings the proper diagnosis, optimal pharmacotherapy (oral or intravenous antibiotics), treatment coexisting allergic or systemic diseases and considering employing surgical treatment. The main surgical procedures in the(More)
INTRODUCTION The sinonasal tumors belong to rare diseases. They state 0.2-0.8% of all the malignant neoplasms and about 3% of head and neck tumors. These tumors are two times frequent observed in men than in women, mainly between 50 and 70 years old. In the sinonasal complex besides the primary are seen also the metastatic tumors. They state about 1% of all(More)
The abscess of parapharyngeal space is very dangerous health condition graving numerous complications such as: jugular vein thrombosis, mediastinitis, arterial bleeding. This state originates most frequent during the acute pharyngitis, and especially acute tonsillitis. The aim of our study was to review the clinical sings, computed tomography scans and(More)
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