Piotr Oszukowski

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In the material of 29 human fetuses, of both sexes, without developmental anomalies, we investigated by corrosion technique outflow of blood from the thyroid gland. On the basis of this study, we noticed in one case the rare variation of immediately of the orifice of the middle thyroid vein to the vertebral vein. This observation may be applicable of(More)
In this study an attempt was made to define the ways of the orifice of the superior thyroid gland to the internal jugular vein in human fetuses, basing on corrosion casts of blood vessels. It was found that most frequently, i.e. in 44% of cases, the superior thyroid gland formed bilaterally multi-level anastomoses with the facial vein and lingual vein(More)
The purpose of the report was to describe a case of anaphylactic shock in a 22-year-old woman after administration of one tablet of metamizole (pyralginum-Polfa). The patient died, notwithstanding intensive treatment applied rapidly. The patient had been treated for bronchial asthma for a few years. There had been no side effects after repeated(More)
The main aim of this paper is to present three cases of persistent (patent) primitive trigeminal artery, presence was incidentally revealed during various radiological examinations. The presence and function of these vessels in extrauterine life is sometimes associated with other vascular abnormalities e.g. aneurysms, hemangiomas, moyamoya disease but(More)
BACKGROUND The use of domestic swine as an experimental animal is increasing steadily. Swine organs are the best animal model for urological experiments. The aim of the study was to evaluate the course and size of intermediate veins in a swine kidney. The research results were compared with the results obtained from studies on venous vascularisation of(More)
BACKGROUND Experiments on humans and their organs produce legal, moral and ethical dilemmas. Nowadays, the use of domestic swine as an experimental animal is increasing steadily. Thus it is important to know the structure and characteristics of swine organs. OBJECTIVES The purpose of the study was to investigate the shape, dimensions and volume of the(More)
In the material of 300 kidneys obtained from corpses of adults, extra-renal location of calices renales majores was observed in 3 of the organs. This developmental anomaly was accompanied with the variations of courses and division patterns of blood vessels within or in the vicinity of the renal hilus, whose characteristic feature was that they could cause(More)
The lesions of the trachea resulting from intubation are scarce. Each laceration of the tracheal wall threatens the patient's life. This article presents 5 cases of the post-intubation lesion of the trachea, treated at the Department of Toracosurgery at this hospital during 1998-2003. In all the patients the lacerated wall of the trachea was sewn up. Our(More)
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