Piotr Omenzetter

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The Land Transport Authority of Singapore has a continuing program of highway bridge upgrading for refurbishing and strengthening bridges to allow for increasing vehicle traffic and increasing axle loads. One subject of this program has been a short-span bridge taking a busy main road across a coastal inlet near a major port facility. Experiment-based(More)
Model updating can be considered as a branch of optimization problems in which calibration of the finite element (FE) model is undertaken by comparing the modal properties of the actual structure with these of the FE predictions. The attainment of a global solution in a multi dimensional search space is a challenging problem. The nature-inspired algorithms(More)
Management of data generated by SHM systems is a major issue to be addressed in future developments. Even with data compression and embedded systems to convert large quantities of data to more manageable amounts of information, there remains the need for procedures to manage the data and in particular to present it to various levels of user. Experience with(More)
The decision to adopt a monitoring system for a structure should be based on sound appraisal of the expected economic benefits of such decisions. These benefits can be quantified in terms of the reduction of the risks posed by the failure of the structure versus the cost of monitoring. This paper discusses a framework for rationalising the adoption of(More)
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