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The example of Singapore shows that rapid urban and economic growth does not have to bring traffic congestion and pollution. Singapore has chosen to restrain car traffic demand due to its limited land supply. Transport policy based on balanced development of road and transit infrastructure and restraint of traffic has been consistently implemented for the(More)
Poland has the second worst pedestrian fatality rate in the European Union. In the years 2007-2012, 9101 pedestrians were killed and 71328 injured on Polish roads. Almost 30% of pedestrian injury accidents took place at unsignalized zebra crosswalks. Based on police accident database, the worst problem in terms of numbers of fatalities occurs in built-up(More)
T he city-state of Singapore with a land area of 639 square kilometers lies at the southern tip of the Asian continent. It has about 2.8 million residents and a vehicle population of 560,000, including about 284,000 " private cars.' There are 2,900 " kilometers of high-standard roads (including 110 km of expressways) with good traffic management measures.(More)
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