Piotr Milczarski

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It is shown that a change of variable in 1-dim Schrödinger equation applied to the Borel summable fundamental solutions [8, 9] is equivalent to Borel resummation of the fundamental solutions multiplied by suitably chosen ¯ h-dependent constant. This explains why change of variable can improve JWKB formulae [11]. It is shown also that a change of variable(More)
Learning through games is increasingly gaining acceptance as a valuable training tool within the education and training community due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and essentially because most people prefer playing over learning. However, the use of games by students brings additional challenges regarding the design of games and their adoption in(More)
The security of communication in everyday life becomes very important. On the other hand, all existing encryption protocols require from user additional knowledge end resources. In this paper we discuss the problem of public key distribution between interested parties. We propose to use a popular social media as a channel to publish public keys. This way of(More)
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