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Accurate preoperative measurements are required for refractive and cataract surgery. Pentacam is a new imaging system for anterior eye segment study. The authors present technique and the range of measurements; topography of both anterior and posterior corneal surface from limbus to limbus, densitometry, anterior chamber angle, volume and depth, lens(More)
This paper presents a unique study of post-mortem human iris recognition and the first known to us database of near-infrared and visible-light iris images of deceased humans collected up to almost 17 days after death. We used four different iris recognition methods to analyze the dynamics of iris quality decay in short-term comparisons (samples collected up(More)
This paper presents an analysis of how the iris recognition is impacted by eye diseases and an appropriate dataset comprising 2996 iris images of 230 distinct eyes (including 184 illness-affected eyes representing more than 20 different eye conditions). The images were collected in near infrared and visible light during a routine ophthalmological practice.(More)
This paper presents a database of iris images collected from disease affected eyes and an analysis related to the influence of ocular diseases on iris recognition reliability. For that purpose we have collected a database of iris images acquired for 91 different eyes during routine ophthalmology visits. This collection gathers samples for healthy eyes as(More)
The authors present possibilities of Pentacam examination for keratoconus diagnosis and progress evalutaion. They describe meaning of data comming from Pentacam 3D model measurements; indexes for corneal surface disturbances, analysis of anterior and posterior corneal surface, sense of connection data from keratometric and pachymetric measurements for(More)
Cerebral aneurysms are the most common reason of subarachnoid haemorrhage at the age of 50-60. Though the results of such haemorrhage are severe (high morbidity and mortality), it is quite often, the first noticeable sign of the problem. Previous symptoms i. e. headache, ophthalmic disturbances, temporary neurological symptoms are often passed over. The(More)
Louis Braille was born on January 4th 1809 in Coupvray, France. An injury to his eye at the age of three, resulted in total loss of vision. In 1819 he entered the Institute for Blind Youth in Paris. There he would live, study, and later teach. When he was fifteen, he developed system of reading and writing by means of raised dots, which is known today as(More)