Piotr Lenarczyk

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The problem of affine transform attacks refers to many watermarking algorithms. A slight change in the geometry of watermarked image can disable the decoding of embedded information; therefore the advanced watermarking methods should be robust against the above-mentioned procedures. This paper contains a description of the algorithm consisting of two(More)
The article describes a speaker recognition system based on continuous speech using GMM multivariate probability distributions. A theoretical model of the system including the extraction of distinctive features and statistical modeling is described. The efficiency of the system implemented in the Linux operating system was determined. The system is designed(More)
Watermarking is a dynamically developing method of copyright protection used for media (sounds, images, films, or 3D objects) that employs signal processing in order to hide additional, invisible information about the owner or author. However, studies until now have not widely considered the problem of attempting to blind removal of hidden data in a manner(More)
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