Piotr Kruczek

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We discuss an application of rough set tools for modeling networks of classifiers induced from data and ontology of concepts delivered by experts. Such networks allow us to develop strategies for automated planning of a treatment of infants with respiratory illness. We report results of experiments with the networks of classifiers used in automated planning(More)
X-linked lissencephaly with ambiguous genitalia syndrome (XLAG) (OMIM #3000215) is a rare, severe malformation of the brain cortex with abnormal neuronal migration caused by mutations of the ARX gene. All the reported patients with lissencephaly are males who presented with a posterior-to-anterior gradient, moderately increased thickness of the brain(More)
The problem considered is how to model perception and identify behavioral patterns of objects changing over time in complex dynamical systems. An approach to solving this problem has been found in the context of rough set theory and methods. Rough set theory introduced by Zdzisław Pawlak during the early 1980s provides the foundation for the construction of(More)
The paper presents the application of Java Integration Platform (JIP) to data replication in the distributed medical system. After an introductory part on the medical system's architecture , the focus shifts to a comparison of different approaches that exist with regard to transferring data between the system's components. A description is given of the(More)
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