Piotr Kozierski

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The article proposes an approach to power system state estimation allowing the division of the network into smaller parts and performing calculations for each part at the same time. The latter can be implemented in parallel, but the main aim has been to propose a method for dispersed calculations, i.e. calculations that may be performed on computing units(More)
In this paper, we present a new approach to mathematical modeling of the bicycle. It is based on the detailed nonlinear Whipple scientific description. We are focused on the state space representation which we use to solve the control law and we test the optimal linear quadratic control which finally gives satisfactory results. The article includes a(More)
The main aim of this paper is to present the analysis of stability regions and tracking performance for the closed-loop system with second-order plant with time-delay and continuous fractional-order PI controller. It is a trial to extend the results and methodology presented in [11] to non-integer order systems. The tracking performance is based on two(More)
The main purpose of this paper, is to analyze the stability of anti-windup compensation impact on tracking performance for a second order plant with time delay and continuous-time PID controller tuned by pole-placement. The paper present results of the research that extends the output from the previous MMAR paper, and is mainly focused on analyzing the(More)
This article describes universal tracking control method. It is based on model linearization in every point of trajectory. Tested device is an inertial wheel pendulum (IWP). This is an underactuated nonlinear object - two degrees of freedom (angle from vertical and angle of rotation of electric motor) and one actuator (current). The linear quadratic(More)
In the paper an impact of the calculations dispersion level in a power system on the estimation quality has been presented. The dispersion level has been changed from the smallest (calculations for the whole system) to the largest (individual calculations in each node of the system). The obtained results have been compared with the estimation quality of(More)
The impact of the usage another than the Gaussian probability density functions in transition and measurement models has been verified in the article. Cases, in which wrong models have been assumed, also have been taken into account. Simulations have been performed for two different objects. Based on the obtained results, it can be said that in some cases(More)
The article presents studies on the estimation quality of a particle filter applied to small multidimensional objects. For the purposes of the article, a new type of network has been proposed, in which each node is associated with one state variable. Based on performed simulations it has been found that particle filter implemented for small systems (1- or(More)
The article presents studies on the automatic whispery speech recognition. In the performed research a new corpus with whispery speech has been used. It has been checked whether the extended set of articulatory units (allophones have been used instead of phonemes) improves quality of whispery speech recognition. Experimental results show that the small(More)
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