Piotr Kopniak

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The following paper presents the results of tests conducted by the author in the field of verification of influence of JPEG lossy compression on the robustness of data hiding methods used for the colour image which has been transformed to the frequency domain. The data have been embedded to the Fourier magnitude spectrum of the image. The possibility of(More)
This paper describes a new steganography algorithm based on a steerable pyramid transform of a digital image and the steganalysis of the existence of secret messages hidden by this new method. The data embedding process uses the elements of a Lee and Chen steganography algorithm which is adapted to the steerable pyramid transform domain. This article(More)
This article concerns the creation process of a cheap optical motion capture system. The solution uses PlayStation 3 Eye cameras The paper shows how to synchronise multiple cameras and how to develop software for capturing and processing real-time video data. The article presents an algorithm and the results of findings and tracking of mono-colour objects(More)
The following paper presents the possibilities of applying Java language to encrypt e-mail messages. The introduction includes a short outline about symmetric and asymmetric cryptography and how to build a safe electronic letter is discussed later. Finally, we would like to consider the possibility of implementing the discussed Java model of the safe(More)
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