Piotr Konieczny

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Rapid Prototyping and CT based 3D modelling implementation in orthopaedic reconstructive surgery is presented in the article. Bone models rendered in SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) were used in pre-operative planning. Physical models were made based on imaging data obtained in standard CT scans. Better pre-planning, surgical team preparation and an insight(More)
In this study we investigate how quantification of Wikipedia biographies can shed light on worldwide longitudinal gender inequality trends. We present an academic index allowing comparative study of gender inequality through space and time, the Wikipedia Gender Index (WIGI), based on metadata available through the Wikidata database. Our research confirms(More)
INTRODUCTION The clinic's practice prove that successfully done endoarthoplasty depends not only on the right execution and good chose of endoprosthesis but also depends on good nurse's care before and after operation. The aim of that work is to show the modern model of nursering based on nursing's standard. MATERIALS Series of trainings for nurse staff(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim is to show the modern model of streamlining based on nursing's standard. MATERIALS The rules of streamlining sick after hip replacement. During patient's staying in hospital, in every contact with sick we try to mark his psychical and psychological state. In judgment of psychical state we try to tell what is the attitude of the(More)
This paper presents a computer simulation of reflected and scattered laser radiation for calculating the angle of laser shields performed with the Laser Shield Solver computer program. The authors describe a method of calculating the shield angle for laser shields which protect workers against reflected and scattered laser radiation and which are made from(More)
The gender gap in Wikipedia's content, specifically in the representation of women in biographies, is well-known but has been difficult to measure. Furthermore the impacts of efforts to address this gender gap have received little attention. To investigate we utilise Wikidata, the database that feeds Wikipedia, and introduce the "Wikidata Human Gender(More)