Piotr Konieczny

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Editor's Note: This paper leads us from the basics of wikis for teaching and learning to Wikipedia and a whole new concept of productive activity for faculty and students. It explains the value of wikis for teaching and learning as compared to web pages. It goes on to show the power of open source learning and the Wikipedia. Most important, it shows how the(More)
Piotr Konieczny (Hanyang University) piokon@post.pl 0 Abstract In this study we investigate how quantification of Wikipedia biographies can shed light on worldwide longitudinal gender inequality trends. We present an academic index allowing comparative study of gender inequality through space and time, the Wikipedia Gender Index (WIGI), based on metadata(More)
The platinum (Pt)-group elements (PGEs) represent a new kind of environmental pollutant and a new hazard for human health. Since their introduction as vehicle-exhaust catalysts, their emissions into the environment have grown considerably compared with their low natural concentration in the earth crust. PGE emissions from vehicle catalysts can be also in(More)
A comprehensive study of magnetocaloric effect (MCE) and critical behaviour in the ferrimagnetic Mn2–pyridazine–[Nb(CN)8] molecular magnet under hydrostatic pressure is reported. The pressure-induced structural changes provoke the strengthening of magnetic interaction between Mn and Nb centres. Consequently, an increase of critical temperature Tc is(More)
The gender gap in Wikipedia's content, specifically in the representation of women in biographies, is well-known but has been difficult to measure. Furthermore the impacts of efforts to address this gender gap have received little attention. To investigate we utilise Wikidata, the database that feeds Wikipedia, and introduce the "Wikidata Human Gender(More)
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