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INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of hypothyroidism on oxidative modification of low density lipoprotein (LDL). MATERIAL AND METHODS 24 patients with overt hypothyroidism and 10 patients with mild hypothyroidism were enrolled to the study. The control group consisted of 24 healthy subjects with normal serum TSH. Plasma level(More)
Bidirectional transport of Na+ and Cl- ions by the epithelium controls production and composition of airway surface liquid and airway transepithelial potential difference and in these ways supports mucociliary transport. Volatile anesthetics are able to inhibit epithelial ion transport processes when applied at high concentration and have been suggested to(More)
Volatile anesthetics are suggested to elicit depression of airway clearance. The involvement of changes in transepithelial ion transport in this inhibition has already been observed. The Ussing method was used to study the changes in mechanical stimulation evoked electrogenic ion transport in isolated rabbit tracheal wall in the presence of halothane and(More)
Electrical phenomena resulting from transepithelial ion transport have been a subject of clinical, physiological, pharmacologic and toxicologic studies. These examinations concern mainly electric phenomena in live organisms. The changes of transepithelial ion pathways which take place postmortem have not been yet established. The aim of the study was an(More)
Unmyelinated C-fibers endings lye beneath the epithelial layer and release neuropeptides which regulate baseline transepithelial potential difference (PD) and changes of transepithelial potential difference during mechanical stimulation (dPD). Ambroxol can suppress reflexes such as the cough or the corneal reflex which are connected to stimulation of C(More)
The study was performed to check if the well-known intestinal spasmolytic effect of mebeverine is paralleled by any changes in intestinal transepithelial currents. The transepithelial potential difference related to ionic currents of the isolated rabbit distal colon wall was measured by means of Ussing's technique under control conditions and after gentle(More)
The influence of UV radiation on electrophysiological parameters of isolated frog skin mounted in Ussing apparatus was studied with the aim to determine the local physiological regulatory mechanisms involved. The studies were performed on isolated ventral frog skin (Rana esculenta L.). Baseline transepithelial electrical potential difference (PD), changes(More)
OBJECTIVES Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) due to its widespread use in industry is one of the most common and well-known causes of occupational asthma and Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS). In this study the impact of TDI on the electrophysiological properties of the airways wall, particularly on the mechanisms of absorption of sodium ions and(More)
During the adhesive locomotion of land snails a series of short dark transverse bands, called pedal or foot waves, is visible ifa moving snail's ventral surface is observed through a sheet of glass. Moreover, the mucus secreted from the pedal glands and some pedal epithelial cells forms a thin layer which acts as a glue augmenting adherence, while also(More)