Piotr Jantos

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This paper presents an analysis of an influence of with Simulation Before Test method. The diagnosis system global parametric faults (GPF) on analogue integrated circuits may be applied on a prototype stage of AIC production. (AIC) time domain (TD) response features, such as overshoot, Global parametric faults, in presented research, have been delay time,(More)
This paper presents the method of an analog functional testing which applies a non-periodic responses analyzing during the testing stage. The difference of energy levels for responses obtained to a pair of optimized stimuli was engaged to a circuit state determination. The proposed testing excitations have multi-band spectra of amplitude densities and they(More)
A method of a global parametric faults diagnosis in analogue integrated circuits is presented in this paper. The method is based on basic features calculated from a circuit's under test time domain response to a voltage step, i.e. locations of maxima and minima of circuit under test response and its first order derivative. The testing and diagnosis process(More)
This paper presents a deterministic method of analogue electronic circuits' specification driven testing. This method is based on an analysis of a circuit-under-test time-domain response's to a pulse excitation. We are extracting the response's and its first order derivative minima and maxima locations. Then, the tested circuit's specifications are mapped(More)
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