Piotr Józwiak

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Tanaidaceans belong to the most severely underestimated groups of benthic macrofauna of the Southern Ocean. Here, we analyze 11 samples collected with a small-meshed epibenthic sled in the summer season of 2008, in the Ross Sea, at the shelf break, slope and abyss (365–3490 m). The material was obtained during a RV Tangaroa voyage as part of the New Zealand(More)
The essential structural features of lithium-metal phosphates (LMP) have been studied using FTIR spectroscopy which is a sensitive tool to probe the local environment in the solid materials. Various LMP materials where M is iron have been investigated including phospho-olivine LiFePO(4), diphosphate LiFeP(2)O(7), Nasicon-type phosphate Li(3)Fe(2)(PO(4))(3)(More)
Four undescribed species of Tanaidacea were discovered during a baseline monitoring program conducted off the coast of Ghana. The specimens came from a deep-water reef largely composed of the ahermatypic coral, Lophelia pertusa. The tanaidacean material was collected during November 2012 onboard the RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen using a van Veen grab in depths of(More)
We present a review of the etymology of zoological taxonomic names with emphasis on the most unusual examples. The names were divided into several categories, starting from the most common - given after morphological features - through inspiration from mythology, legends, and classic literature but also from fictional and nonfictional pop-culture characters(More)
Four new species of deep-sea Tanaidacea taken from the Gulf of Guinea as part of the Ghanaian marine environmental monitoring programme in 2012 are described. One of the species, which was classified to the family Anarthruridae, differed substantially from the other members of the family, and was accommodated to the newly erected genus – Olokun n. gen. Each(More)
A new genus of Tanaidacea - Bunburia,collected from the region of Ningaloo in the vicinity of Bunbury (Western Australia), is erected to accommodate the new species - Bunburia primasp. n. This genus is classified in the family Agathotanaidae and it can be distinguished from the other members of the family by having a combination of antennulae covered with(More)
Vehicles crash tests are aiming mainly on determination of the relation between vehicles velocity at the beginning of the collision phase and the energy necessary for given deformation to occur. Velocity of the vehicles at the beginning of the crash is determined through the comparison of the cars body deformation and their kinetic energy. After reviewing(More)
This article presents preliminary study on mechatronics, autonomous system for movement assessment of horses. The significance of providing research, where examines done in natural environment for animals to achieve a true picture of the movement and behavior of the animals is the most important factor, is discussed in details. Concept of the system and(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate of perinatal mortality and morbidity of monoamniotic twins. STUDY DESIGN This was a multicenter retrospective analysis of 26 monoamniotic twin gestations identified between 1985 and 2004 in a 3 perinatal departments. Of these 26 pregnancies, 11 women were admitted electively for inpatient fetal(More)
The formalism of Petri hypernets is extended by allowing creation of unstructured tokens. Any two such tokens are then declared indistinguishable, unless they have different sorts, i.e., colours. Under this assumption it is possible to provide a construction that to each coloured Petri hypernet associates a P/T net with an isomorphic case graph. Hence, the(More)
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