Piotr H Pawłowski

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INTRODUCTION Zespol fixator, which was created in Poland by Ramatowski and Granowski, has an angular stable connection of screws and plate. These properties of this plate fixator, that is effective and not an expensive system of osteosynthesis of shaft of long bone widely used in Poland, impelled us to adapt it as a transpedicular plate fixator of spine. (More)
The need of taking into account the change of compartment volume when developing chemical kinetics analysis inside the living cell is discussed. Literature models of a single enzymatic Michaelis-Menten process, glycolytic oscillations, and mitotic cyclin oscillations were tested with appropriate theoretical extension in the direction of volume modification(More)
A simple theoretical model considering cell membrane mechanosensitivity can accurately describe published experimental data on membrane area creeping and recovery, and on osmotic expansion and rupture. The model to data fit reveals real values of membrane tension and elasticity modulus, and the parameters describing membrane organization and kinetics of(More)
The dynamics and thermodynamics of phase transition in hot nuclei are studied through experimental results on multifragmentation of heavy systems (A≥ 200) formed in central heavy ion collisions. Different signals indicative of a phase transition studied in the INDRA collaboration are presented and their consistency is stressed.
Distributions of the largest fragment charge, Zmax, in multifragmentation reactions around the Fermi energy can be decomposed into a sum of a Gaussian and a Gumbel distribution, whereas at much higher or lower energies one or the other distribution is asymptotically dominant. We demonstrate the same generic behavior for the largest cluster size in critical(More)
Implementation of new spine stabilisation systems should be preceded by the analysis of the behaviour of healthy and damaged spine under laboratory conditions. Research was performed on two-part and three-part segments without damage and with disc damage in the two-part segment, and with a wedge cut in the vertebra in the three-part segment. In the two-part(More)
The paper presents chosen results of research on the lumbar-chest part of spine and the spine-fixator complex. Spines were gathered from cadavers. Both damaged and undamaged spines with and without fixator were investigated. Two types of fixator were used: a CD and a modified Zespol fixator (our idea)--marked as P. In the research, compression/distraction(More)
  • Andrzej Guziński, Piotr Pawłowski, Jerzy Kaniewski, Oleg Maslennikow, Natalia Maslennikowa, Dmitri Czwyrow +1 other
  • 2005
The paper deals with the problem of designing digital circuits based on the current-mode gates-novel digital elements operating with constant, continuous power supply current. The purpose is the provision of a high level of the noise immunity of the chips which compose both analog and digital circuits. The logical properties and several identities of the(More)