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The physical properties of aqueous sodium chloride solutions have been studied theoretically, but so far no experimental diffusion data have been obtained under supercooled conditions. Here the results of (1)H NMR translational diffusion measurements of water in sodium chloride solutions in the temperature range 230 to 300 K and sodium chloride(More)
We present the results of gas-phase NMR measurements designed to yield a new experimental value for the absolute (1)H magnetic shielding for an isolated hydrogen molecule and its deuterium isotopomers. The results are based on the original method of direct shielding measurements (Jackowski et al., 2010) and the density dependence of (1)H, (2)H, and (3)He(More)
Gas-phase nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra demonstrating the effect of weak intermolecular forces on the NMR shielding constants of the interacting species are reported. We analyse the interaction of the molecular hydrogen isotopomers with He, Ne, and Ar, and the interaction in the He-CO(2) dimer. The same effects are studied for all these systems(More)
The spin-rotation and nuclear magnetic shielding constants are analysed for both nuclei in the HCl molecule. Nonrelativistic ab initio calculations at the CCSD(T) level of approximation show that it is essential to include relativistic effects to obtain spin-rotation constants consistent with accurate experimental data. Our best estimates for the(More)
Direct detection of molecular chirality is practically impossible by methods of standard nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) that is based on interactions involving magnetic-dipole and magnetic-field operators. However, theoretical studies provide a possible direct probe of chirality by exploiting an enantiomer selective additional coupling involving(More)
We present new experimental and calculated values of the indirect spin-spin coupling constant (1)J((31)P,(1)H) in the PH3 molecule. The line shape analysis of (1)H and (31)P gas-phase NMR spectra recorded at several densities of PH3, followed by extrapolation of the results to the zero-density limit, gives 176.18(2) Hz as the experimental value at 300 K.(More)
The hydride proton magnetic shielding tensors for a series of iridium(III) and rhodium(III) complexes are determined. Although it has long been known that hydridic protons for transition-metal hydrides are often extremely shielded, this is the first experimental determination of the shielding tensors for such complexes. Isolating the (1)H NMR signal for a(More)
The results of experimental and theoretical studies of indirect spin-spin coupling constants for hydrogen deuteride (HD), hydrogen tritide (HT), and deuterium tritide (DT) are described. The reduced coupling constants obtained from the gas-phase NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) experiment conducted at 300 K are 2.338(1), 2.334(3), and 2.316(1) × 10(20) T(2)(More)